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Fairy Path Portraits

For beautiful fairytale and fantasy Digital Backdrops for Photograpers and Custom Photo Portraits. Have your children, family and pets transformed into a fantasy art scene.....

Hi, my name is Loulou, I have one daughter "Imane" who is 10 years old and we live in the seaside town of Brighton on the South Coast of UK. 

I am in a happy relationship with Mark who tells me constantly that he is very proud of the art, graphic and craft work that I do.

I am a full time mum and carer to my daughter as she has Gender Identity Disorder and ASD, but still find plenty of time to create works of art  on my computer. I also run a business making Waldorf Dolls and Eco toys for children using 100% natural materials.

I am currently in negotiations with a film company owned by Bob Geldof to make a documentary on raising a transgender child. My daughter has lived as a little boy since she was 4 and it is important to me to make the world understand that our children are born this way, it is not a life style choice.

I lived in Dubai, United Arab Emirates for 14 years up until July 2004, and while there I ran my own online graphic business called "Gulfmystery Design" which was a very popular linkware and custom graphic website.

I have loved fairies ever since my only sister was dying in hospital with Sarcoma a rare bone cancer. Debbie was 9 when she died and I was just 10 years old. I witnessed so much suffering that the only way I could cope and shut myself off from it was to dream myself into a fantasy world of unicorns and fairies and all things magical. It helped me get through the long year my sister was ill until she finally passed away in her sleep.

In a way my artwork is in her honor, I know she would have loved every single piece I created and I hope she is looking down on me and watching all I do.

I am totally self taught in all the programs I use. My favorite by far is Poser and over the years I have spent a few thousand $$$ on content for it. I have worked on many art pieces for clients especially clients in USA. While living in Dubai 100% of my clients were American.

Each art piece I create is special in my heart. I always keep a small print of it for myself, just to remember the idea I once had for the scene.

Those that recognise my work may remember me under my old name of Tahani (I changed it back to my birth name).